In the late 1970’s Samuel worked with congressional members to maintain intranet pages, which were precursors to the modern website page. This experience with pre-internet technology catapulted him to becoming an expert in website maintenance for entities large and small.



Regular maintenance of your website is just as important as mainting your vehicle or your body. Without maintenance your website software will become out of date which will lead to vulnerabilities which will cause your website to crash, not render correctly, or get hacked. We offer a very afforable website maintenance service that will keep your website up to date. This service also comes with monitoring of your website’s uptime, health, performance, etc. in order to ensure it is running as intended.

*Pricing doesn’t include cost of monthly or annual software fees required by software vendors if applicable.


We host your website on our services and will update your website software each month in order to ensure your website keeps running smoothly and doesn’t become vulnerable to attacks. We will also backup your website every month in case of a catastrophic crash.


We will monitor your website’s uptime to always be aware if it is down. We will also do security scans to check for any malicious software on your website. Finally we will run optimization and other performance scans to ensure the health of your site.


In the unlikely case that your website becomes compromised or crashes due to software we will work to fix the problem and then get your website back to where it should be in as little time as possible.

$48.00 / month

Service includes hosting the website and providing monthly maintenance which includes software updates and website backups. Service also includes uptime monitoring, malware scanning, and performance checks. Restoring of website due to any crash based upon malicious software due to website software vulnerabilities is also included.